Using Your Computer to Catch Crime with FamilyWatchdog

This Awesome tool can save yourself a Bad Neighbor

Have you guys heard of the Family Watchdog tool that looks up sex offenders (and other criminal activities) in a area near you?  It is really cool and since we run a blog about security and computers I figured I should cover this topic so my followers know what to do when locating sex offenders.  When can you use this tool?  Here are a few ideas I came up with for people:

  1. Before moving to a new location, scout it out with  This is a lot better then finding out you moved next door to a prior criminal and you yourself have children etc.  While no location is 100% safe, at least using their location tool can save you from moving to a place filled with prior sex offenders.
  2. Use it for your work.  If you are a real estate agent and are showing a safe location, pull it up on their map and ‘show off’ what a great location this is in.  This will improve your selling chances by making the user feel safer about the location of the home and school district.  Another idea is if you sell security systems door to door.  You can pull up their location using the Family Watchdog website and show the person that certain bad guys live in their area. Because FamilyWatchdog actually gives physical names and locations of each prepratator, you can really infuse some fear into your client and get them signed up for a security system right away!  For a simple guide on how to use FamilyWatchdog, check
  3. When planning your routes.  Maybe you work in a highly filled area of prior offenders.  You may do home improvement jobs, city work or police work.  Use their tool to better help you navigate a safe route too and from work.  This will bring peace of mind to you and your spouse knowing you are keeping yourself as far away from the bad guys as possible.

Understanding Their Crime Data Map

family watchdog crime map

It can be a bit daunting the first time you look at a in-depth Family Watchdog map report!  Icons everywhere, different shapes and colors.  First you should know that not all data is negative.  Some of it is useful information and not all bad.  Next, click on each one for a more specefic report of the offender.  There you can see their name, date of birth and other facts that can help you determine if the person is still a suspect to you.

Not everyone on this list is a bad guy.  You can become a registered sex offender for something as easy as urinating outdoors as a male.  However, I don’t want to sugarcoat their report.  Unfortunately most of the people listed are bad guys, but it doesn’t mean that everyone on the application is.

In Closing – Final Tips and Words

Anyone who has followed my Deanforum over the years know that I care about the security of people and this wonderful Nation.  So I would encourage you to do your research before moving to any location.  Once there, secure yourself with weapons and home security systems.  It is always better to be safe then sorry in today’s society.

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